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                工厂直销 / 质量保障 / 现货供应

                Beijing oupuoptic instrument co.,ltd. was founded in 2001, which is located in Tongzhou District of Beijing,has an area of over 2,500 square meters’ workshop and of more than100 employees,has the self-support rights to import and export and has got ISO9001 certification. Judged as a Science & Technology Private Entrepreneur, it has advanced technologies and equipments, hardworking and ambitious managers, technicians with innovative spirit as well as skillful production workers. Besides, it has created a series of high-quality products based on scientific management and the enterprising spirit of ceaseless pursuit of brilliant and perfect products. There are two series of products offered now: Door Viewer Series Our president Shao Wencai, a senior engineer, has been engaged in the work of optical design for many years. He participated in the design and developed the first generation of domestic door viewers in 1978, invented new-type 180° door viewer in 1990 with the national patent (Patent No.: 90-2-06925.X) and the F&NA (far and near amphious) door viewer in 1998 (Patent No. ZL 98 2 01793 6). We improved the optical system in 2006 (Patent No.: 200620119436.3). Our current products include common door viewer, F&NA door viewer, fireproof door viewer, door scope, door viewer with bell and fireproof & anti-burglar door viewer. Two series of products have got UL certificate which are in accordance with the fire-resistant standards of USA and Canada. Door handle Series;Hinge Series;Cylinders Series. Besides, we also provide the laser marking,OEM services and Injection-molding of Optical Plastics.


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                2 million +

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                公司『将参加2020年第127届广... 公司将参加2020年第127届广...